Before Buying Your First Motorcycle: Go Slow, Take Your Time & Do Your Research

I live in Texas where, believe it or not, motorcycles and road bikes are just as common as the giant pickup trucks that everybody outside of here seems to think we drive. I’ll admit that my family has one of those trucks. We do not yet, much to my husband’s consternation, have any motorcycles. This is largely because, Regardless of how we get the bike, I was not cracking open my wallet (or using my COIN card) until I did my research. 

I talked to mechanics, motorcycling enthusiasts, and people at dealerships all over my local area. I spent time reading Consumer Reports and doing online manufacturing research. I wanted to make sure that the bikes we got were good ones—and that I knew what to look for when shopping through sites like AmericanListed (buying brand new isn’t always important, but buying the best bike for your budget certainly is).

What I learned was that the types of riding you intend to do plays a large role in the type of motorcycle you buy. Motorcycles are a lot like cars this way. For example, my husband has visions of taking long leisurely rides across the more rural parts of our state, maybe taking weekend trips with a few friends. My son, the daredevil, is hoping to recreate scenes out of…well, pick your favorite car chase movie. These two men will need to find vastly different bikes (and I might or might not be thinking of locking my son away until he grows some better sense). Popular Mechanics says that the type of ride, like your body type, need to play large roles in your purchasing decision.

Ultimately we decided to buy Harleys for our family. While there have been some reported safety issues with the newer bikes, we found that—of all of the different bikes that are available now, the Harley Davidson best suited our needs for the following reasons:

Harleys are made domestically. This was important to us because we prefer to buy things that are made here in the US.

The mechanic pool is huge—almost everybody in town works on Harleys and is up to date on their parts and issues. Other brands had much smaller and, frankly, more expensive pools of mechanics to choose from.

Harley’s are different than the other bikes out there, having been built a little bigger and heavier than almost all other bikes out there. This means that they hold up better under prolonged use and are built for full-time riding—which is what my husband wanted.

There is truth to the “Harley Davidson” lifestyle clichés that you hear. When you ride a Harley you’re part of a bigger (and protective) community. I’m not too proud to admit that we have completely bought into the “you’re not buying a bike, you’re buying a way of life” speech that we got from every person we talked to.

There is a lot to consider if you want to buy a motorcycle. From how much you weigh to where you want to go and how much you can afford to spend—it takes time to make a proper decision. And, of course, it’s good to take someone who understands motorcycle maintenance and repair along with you to look at every bike you’re thinking of purchasing. You don’t want to get a lemon!  


Schattdecor Launches Second Digital VISIONS Collection at Euroshop 2014

Taking inspiration from the idea that ‘success comes from being different’, Schattdecor unveiled its second Digital VISIONS collection of some 70 new decor highlights at the Euroshop show in Düsseldorf in February.

Taken together with the 80 decors from the first collection, this provides commercial interior decorators and wood panel/laminate industry customers with almost 150 decor ideas to choose from for creation of unique surfaces that meet the highest of expectations in terms of quality and effect.


The response to Schattdecor’s showing was enormous, with visitors from the fields of architecture, shopfitting and booth design all eager to learn about the possibilities of high-quality digital printing. The market leader not only enables them to profit from its design prowess but is also the right partner for every step in production of a digital-print decor - from the initial creative idea to technically perfect execution on high-performance digital inkjet printers. Plus, Schattdecor also places a complete array of future-oriented digital printing services at the disposal of laminate and timber products industry partners.

At its almost 60-square-metre booth, Schattdecor showed a selection of digital-print decors as representative of the new collection, displaying them on large-format panels according to the five themes of Pure Pleasure, No Limits, Happy Hour, Timeless Elegance and Catwalk. The following Digital Visions designs proved to be the highlights of Schattdecor’s Euroshop showing:

- Illusion -


Playing tricks on the eyesight, Illusion shows the fascinating role that experimental shapes and structures can play in designs for surfaces. 

- Aqua Balls -


Reminiscent of drops of water, the vibrantly-colored Aqua Balls promises an upbeat feel for young and old.

- Mural -


With its floral elements and appearance of concrete, Mural promises to provide surfaces a very striking look.

- Bonfim -


The vivid and natural colors in Bonfim awaken a zest for life and a hunger for more.

Visitors to Schattdecor’s booth were able to gain an idea of the complete new collection in an exquisitely-crafted collection book available to all interested customers. 


Schattdecor’s showing seemed to be the perfect setting for presentation of the results from a student project staged by Schattdecor with the School of Form, a noted higher school of design in Poznań, Poland.

In this project, various tasks concerned with digital printing were tackled by 36 second-year students. The twelve best results were unveiled at the Euroshop 2014 and also documented in a brochure.

At the Euroshop 2014, Schattdecor again underscored that it has the resolve and resources to pursue further developments in digital decor printing as part of an endeavor that is setting standards in and for the branch.

Have questions? Contact:
Schattdecor AG
Corporate Communications
Michael Meister
Tel.: +49 8031 - 275 188
Fax: +49 8031 - 275 2200

5 Awesome Bedrooms You’ll Wish Were Yours

Creativity knows no bounds in these five awesome bedroom designs, but how do you turn a design idea into an actual bedroom? Some of these ideas, like the hammock bed, you can do yourself; others, like the 300-pound pulley bed, you’ll need help to design and install. Talk to a construction and design company that utilizes drawing management by Procore, so you can draw up your dream bedroom and then chop it up into bite-sized tasks. Before you know it, you’ll have your own ceiling bed, Uroko House, or gilt columns. 

Take a look, and see if any of them inspire you to redecorate your own bedroom this weekend.

A Bed That Lives on the Ceiling


[photo by Joe Pugliese]

Mad Men and Angel star Vincent Kartheiser transformed his small Hollywood apartment by creating a bed that he raises and lowers every day. A 300-pound pulley helps him give his bedroom a little extra space; when he’s ready to turn in for the night, turn-down service includes literally pulling the bed down!

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Is COIN Right For You?


In the past decade, America has become a nation of online bankers. We keep multiple online banking apps on our phones, we routinely turn over our credit card information to bank aggregators such as Mint and we do more banking online than we ever do in brick-and-mortar banks. Financial institutions, in turn, are working to put everything online – from checking and savings to investment portfolios.

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Lems Shoes: Your Life, Only More Comfortable


It’s hard to recall ever hearing the words “minimal” and “comfortable” used in the same sentence. We tend to associate “minimalism” with the removal of that fluffy excess material that allows something to be considered “comfortable”.

That’s where the classic paradigm shifts.

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